28 April 2004

A visit from Saint Rudolph

Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a great piece on Rudy Giuliani today.

Rudy's another guy who has been prematurely canonized because he was mayor of New York on 9/11.  I was impressed with his leadership that day, much as I was by President Bush, but I also think just about anyone in his position (or GW's, for that matter) would have reacted in the same way.

It's disappointing to see him on the side of the drug companies when he instead could have an effect on getting a handle on drug pricing.  He forces me to label him as yet another GOP shill who cares nothing about people, only business.

We have a serious accountability problem in this country when people who know that they are admired choose personal wealth over the good of others.  I am all for free enterprise and capitalism when it comes to wants instead of needs, but for too many people in the land, meeting the costs of their drug needs is prohibitive.  If the people who run our nation (and this is a bipartisan slam) cared more for it's inhabitants rather that the wealth, we'd have reasonable prescription prices.  It's pathetic to gouge people on medicine.

Of course, guys like Giuliani will be able to afford any drugs they need no matter how long they live. 

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