06 May 2004

Adios "amigos"

I really have no plans to watch the final episode of "Friends" tonight.

I used to watch the show all of the time, probably through the sixth season.  It made me laugh, but I never felt it was worth the hype.  "Seinfeld" was much funnier, and as a hopeless realist, a lot of what occured on "Friends" drove me nuts.  I will spare you the rant on that though.

I'm sick of the hoopla that has been created by this show going off the air.  Can we please have a little perspective folks?  It's a television show.  The people who star in it will make more money tonight than you will probably make in the next twenty years.  And due to the beautyof syndication, most of them will continue to make money off of this show after they have died.

Nothing spectacular will happen on the show tonight.  Bet on that.  The people behind this show know that they have years and years of syndicated viewers locked up, there are people who will be hooked on this show years from now that never saw a first-run episode.  Who cares what happens between Ross and Rachel?  Do you realize this "will they or won't they" crap has been going on for ten years?

Here's how I see the show ending up:

1. Joey heads off to LA to jump start his acting career.  Unfortunately, he arrives just in time for the big one featured in "10.5" (notice the clever NBC tie-in???).

2. Chandler is coaxed into going on a hunting trip with one of his new neighbors in suburbia.  He is not very excited but agrees to go at Monica's urging to get to know his neighbors.  As he stands in a field by himself, rifle at his side, he says "Could this be any more boring?"  Suddenly there is a large bang, he falls, and Janice appears, saying "OH MY GOD, I thought you were a deer!"

3. Ross is denied by Rachel, but gets his big break and wins a trip to Jurassic Park.  Sadly, he meets the same fate as the guy who played Newman on "Seinfeld" when he journeyed out to the land of the dinosaurs.

4. Monica gets a call from a place called "Bada Bing" and agrees to cater an event there.  Upon arrival she shrieks at the unclean conditions in the kitchen (Turn in to HBO next Sunday at 9 to see what happens next-notice the clever HBO tie-in???).

5. Rachel gets on the flight to Paris.  However, she falls asleep in the bathroom and doesn't wake up until the plane is back in flight.  She is forced to get off the plane at a place called "Troy" and is last seen wandering away among the ruins with a strange centurion named Brad in pursuit.

6. Phoebe gets everything.  She's the only one I never wanted to see hit by a bus.

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