06 May 2004

Unfinished business

Reading the news this morning, I find everyone mentioning the fact that while the President is "appalled" at the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, he has not said that he is sorry.  Other officials have conveyed the President's regret, but GW has not uttered those two simple words.

And he better not, at least until he handles the backlog of things to apologize for here in the country he supposedly leads.  Don't know about you, but if Bush can't seem to muster the words to apologize in some fashion for 9/11, the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when it was the #1 reason for his invasion, and the deaths of almost 800 American servicemen and women, he has no business apologizing to anyone in Iraq.

I'm not saying that the abuse is prisoners isn't a bad thing.  Of course it is, but this is a war, what do you expect?  Hold the people responsible accountable for their actions, just as those who mutilated and hung corpses from a bridge last month will be held responsible if they are ever captured.  I haven't heard anyone apologize for that event.

That the President would even consider kowtowing to the Middle East over this surprises me.  It seems that the hardest thing to get this man to do is accept the possibility that something he is involved in could be a mistake.  He's never admitted that he has been wrong about anything. 

If he apologizes, I only hope it happens while he is inside a confessional.

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