30 May 2004

Travelin' man

So we're supposed to describe our dream vacation, and I have decided to interpret that as my "fantasy" vacation, a trip that I would love to take but have no way of ever realizing.

Besides, I've been very fortunate these last few years.  Since 1995 I've been to Ireland and the UK four times, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland.  I've also gone to Canada, and since October 2002 I've visited over 35 states.  I've been lucky to do a ton of traveling lately, and while the are places in the world that I have yet to see and desperately want to (Spain, Australia, and New Zealand-though I will see Spain in August!) I can't say that I dream about them.

The place that I dream about visiting would be wherever I could go to see the people that I can no longer visit, or never had the chance to meet.  I'm not talking about Heaven, because I want to be alive here on Earth with the chance to speak and visit with people like my father, who died in 2002, or his father, who died shortly after my birth, thus leaving me deprived of any memories of him.

I want the opportunity to talk to people who I know have died, and won't get to see again until after my death, on the other side.  I want to reunite with people that I  miss and connect with people I never knew.  I want the chance to meet any of the thousands of people that I have read and heard about who lived before I was born.  That would be my dream vacation.

There's a lyric in the song "Walk On" by U2 that talks about 'a place that has to be believed to be seen.'  I'd like to think that I could believe that a trip like this could happen, and that such a place exists, but I know it does not, at least not in this world.

So there you have it, a place I want to go to but know I have no chance of, unlike say Antarctica, the Amazon, or Burundi.

(Obscure Eddie Izzard reference there, if you are wondering about Burundi.)



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