10 May 2004

Just wandering

This entry from last week has led to a bevy of comments, more than I have received on all entries combined since I started this in January.  I've written about baseball before, several times in fact, and never seemed to draw much interest.

I don't do this for the comments.  If I did I would have stopped by the end of February.  I'm happy that some people who read this feel compelled to leave me comments.  I'm not sure if they expect me to respond to them, but so far I have not.  Still, I am intrigued as to why this particular entry got people talking.  I'm happy to know what people think. 

One thing I find as I continue to express myself in this forum is that I can be rather opinionated at times.  Hey, it's my blog, and I gotta be me.  I do not expect anyone who reads this to agree with me, of course, nor would I attack anyone who expressed their disagreement with me.  I can be as sarcastic as anyone, but I don't want that to be a point of disagreement.  I think it probably is at times because it can be impossible to distinguish between sarcasm and reality.

So I wasn't really advocating that someone who is using their cell phone in the close seats at Wrigley Field be catapulted outside the stadium into a vat of pudding.  I was surprised at how many people expressed their displeasure at that idea, mostly through email instead of commenting on the journal site.  Of course, I could be misconstruing their sarcasm as well.

One thing that I don't understand is why anyone would bother to leave negative comments.  I got rid of a few that I did not like, that I felt were rather personal, and I also received some emails that were negative in tone.  What's the point?  If you don't like what I wrote so much that it caused you to write to me and tell me to become a Sox fan or that I should mind my own business, I'd think that you's just not read the journal anymore. 

Not that I am encouraging that.  Simply put, I expect some people to think that I am not a good writer.  I just don't expect them to tell me, though it's not something to worry about.  It was just something that made me wonder.

This is a rambling post with no real point, words that I am saying out loud as I write them to help me understand exactly how I got to this purpose.  Chances are I will go back and read it tomorrow and delete it.


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