07 May 2004

Stop the presses

People are making a big deal about this today.  It's been on television and in all the newspapers.  It was even a front page item on ESPN.com.

I'd be willing to bet that if this shooting had happened in about fifty other neighborhoods in the city, it would not have made the news, even locally.  The fact that it happened in front of Wrigley Field makes it newsworthy.  Someone gets gunned down in a supposedly safe and trendy neighborhood, let's make it the lead story on the news.

It's hard not to be cynical.  People are shot to death just about every day in the city, mostly for stupid reasons.  Why isn't that news?  Instead of overhead shots of Wrigley Field and the headline "baseball fan shot to death" why isn't someone commenting on how stupid all of this is?  What starts with someone being bumped by a car in the middle of the street ends up with murder.

What's more outrageous than that?  The fact that a majority of us are dulled to incidents like this.  We don't care, because it's not going to happen to us.  We're more concerned about an airplane flying into us.

There are plenty of terrorists here.  The fact that we don't give a damn about the weapons they have just about makes me insane, which would explain this rambling, incoherent post.

Besides, Ross got Rachel back yesterday.  We all know how important that is.


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