19 May 2004

Happy birthday to moi

I'm 37 today, and I'm giving myself the present of two extra hours.  I'm flying to Vegas tonight to spend the rest of the week with my fiance and some of my family, so I get 26 hours today instead of 24.

Combined with my trip to LA and San Diego this past weekend, I am putting a lot of miles on.  I have a good friend who lives in LA now and is also a huge Cubs fan, so we made the jaunt to San Diego to see the Cubs beat the Padres 7-5 at Petco Park, the Padres' new stadium.

I found it a little strange to see major league baseball in a place sponsored by a pet supply retail chain, but if you look past the constant pet references and the "hey kids-can you guess which Padre has this pet?" promos it's a beautiful place to watch a ball game.  I've spent about five days now in San Diego in the last year, and the weather has been the same.  It never seems to change.  My fiance collects Starbucks coffee mugs from different cities, and the one for San Diego says "74 degrees and sunny" on the inside.  I can't think of a better way to describe that city.

I'm hoping that Vegas brings me several opportunities for entries.  And a few thousand dollars in black jack winnings wouldn't be bad either.

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