19 July 2004

An evil picture

To my surprise, the kind folks at AOL music have featured me on their "music talk" page.  They asked me to send them a picture a few weeks ago, so I knew that I was being considered, but I had assumed that they had chosen someone else.

So it was a pleasant surprise to receive notification yesterday morning that I was on the page.  Originally they had my picture linked to the wrong journal, but it has been fixed now.  I am thankful and honored to have this exposure.

That's a brutal picture of me though.  I look like I'm plotting world domination.


ginskia said...

Congratulations Jim on making this AOL music talk.  You are really getting popular now.  First on the Clinton page and now on this.  I guess the big screen is next for you. LOL!!!  I will have to come back later to visit since I have more deadlines this week for summer school.


donah42 said...

You might be plotting world domination, but you look a lot more pleasant than Dubya:)