29 July 2004

Nailed it

All I will say about John Kerry's acceptance speech tonight is that he established himself as very different from President Bush, so whatever your preference, at least there will be a clear choice for all come November.

Kerry spoke well.  I thought he might stumble a little as I have seen him do so in the past.  I loved the level of speeches at this convention: Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Kerry.  The democrats did a fine job of running a positive convention.

So now we wait a few weeks, until the GOP gathers in NYC.  Despite my obvious preference for the democratic way, I will watch with interest what the republicans have to say when it is their turn.  I do not expect them to avoid the negativity like what I just saw in Boston.  I hope they prove me wrong.  I'd love to see an American presidential campaign that focused on accomplishments rather than slime.

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