10 July 2004

In the mood for food

I'm hip to Japanese poetry.  Therefore I offer the following:

A shout for the Stout

'Tis good for you, Irish say

Brilliant!  That's Guinness 

Or perhaps:

Ruffles have ridges

But not a funky straight can

God Bless the Pringle

And since we owe all this to the Japanese:

Turn rice into wine

You can drink with wasabi

And call it saki




absinthemnded said...

Yay for Guinness. I fully admit I am a " stout" girl. NO pilsner for me !

sugar1337 said...

Those are very catchy!  :)

merelyp said...

donah42 sent me-- love your haiku! (that's my journal Scalzi is probably making fun of with this week's assignment--and if ya submit a haiku in comments there, voila! you get an automatic link in my sidebar... until I run out of space, which is rapidly happening.)

they call me--