30 July 2004

Meow indeed

I have a cat, and I have wondered in the past what it would say to me if it had the chance, just one sentence.

I had Dexter declawed and "fixed" when I got him, since he was destined to be an indoor cat.  He now lives with two female cats, and there have been many times that I have seen him looking out the windows to the trees in the backyard, wishing he could go out there and help himself to a snack. 

So Dexter lives a life of quiet desperation, unable to romance his two roomies and unable to act on his predatory instincts.

There are times when he will sit in my vicinity and eyeball me, expressionless.  No matter what I do, his gaze stays upon me, and I have imagined many times what he would say to me then if he could.

I think it would be "You did this to me, made me less of a cat, denying me a life of pleasure; I shall avenge myself someday, when you are not looking, by doing vile things inside your box of Grape Nuts."

99% of the time Dex and I get along fine, of course.  He's well fed, lives in relative comfort and gets to do whatever he pleases, except reproduce and rip birds to shreds.  He deals with it.

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munowe said...

Dexter sounds like my Ms. Kitty except she still has her claws.  I think she is somewhat releived that she can't reproduce anymore.  I know I am.  There is nothing more horrifing than trying to explain to your five year old what might happen to the kittens you dropped off at the animal shelter if no one adopts them.  She still gives me those same looks though.  I think it's because I spray her with a water bottle when she scratches my sofa.