14 July 2004

We interrupt this journal

My nephew and I are hitting the road tomorrow for some baseball.  We'll be in Cincinnati Thursday for a Cardinals-Reds game, then in Pittsburgh Saturday for a Marlins-Pirates game.  I'm looking forward to it; I haven't been on a road trip for a while.

So I'm taking a break from normal blogging activities for a while.  I may update from the road if I get the inspiration, if something happens out there worth sharing.

And yes, I am going to a Cardinals game tomorrow.  My nephew crossed over to the dark side five years ago, and since this trip is for his high school graduation, I'm indulging him.  Call me Uncle Sap.  And go Reds.

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ginskia said...


You won't believe this, but my husband is originally from St. Louis.  He is still very much a Cardinal fan.  He loves to see them play against the Sox.  I personally prefer the Sox over the Cubs.

I took my test tonight and I made an A on it.  I still have a 94 average in that class.