23 July 2004


My mind is all over the place today...

Last week when I had the pleasure of spending 1500 miles on Interstates I noticed a lot of billboards that needed some attention.  There seems to be a profound shortage of skilled workers to change billboards in the Ohio Valley, especially those that trump candidates for primary elections that have already been held.  Almost as surprising where the amount of billboards under construction that I saw, assuming that all those implanted metal tubes I saw sprouting out of the ground are going to be billboards someday.

Just about everyday I travel on a highway out here in suburban Chicago and I pass several billboards that are no longer relevant.  Two particularly annoy me: a truly creepy ad for the TNT version of "Salem's Lot" which aired on June 20, that features a black background with a crucifix containing Rob Lowe's face.  And lucky for us, the billboard is faced on both sides, which means I get to see it in my rear view mirror right after I cringe seeing it in front of me.  I cringe partly because it's creepy, and partly because it gives me the thought of Rob Lowe as a serious actor.  The second billboard advertises a religious crusade that took place at the United Center June 17-18 with some evangelical dude named Benny Hinn, whom I had never heard of before I saw this.  Apparently Mr. Hinn fancies white suits, which to me makes him look a lot like Steve Martin in the 1970's.  Given the possibilities that the average human might misconstrue the content of this billboard as they speed past it at 70 MPH, I wonder how many people were excited at the possibility of Steve Martin, or perhaps Benny Hill, playing two nights at the UC?


I just finished watching two hours of "Scrubs" that I taped on NBC last night.  Why isn't NBC doing anything to advertise this show?  I saw a few lame previews for "Joey" during this time, and it looks dumb, sorry to say.  I never thought much of "Friends" for the five years it was on, and I can't remember the last time I watched a sitcom that had some intelligence that made me laugh, except for "Scrubs."  So why isn't this show going to be on Thursday at 7 this fall?  I might be wrong, but I don't even think it's going to be on Thursday at all.  If I was running NBC (and anyone connected with a reality show there, yes even Donald Trump, should thank God I'm not) I'd have that show on 12 times a week.  If it works for "Fear Factor" it ought to work for "Scrubs."

And contrary to popular opinion, I am not related to Zach Braff.

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