20 April 2005

Meet the new Pope, same as the old Pope

I don't have much of an opinion about the election of the new Pope.  I'm a little surprised that they chose such an old man, but Joseph Ratzinger was John Paul's right hand, and the Church isn't ready to let John Paul go quite yet.

I am amused, however, at those expressing disappointment at this choice, at those who had hoped for someone more liberal.  Seriously, what did these people expect?  There is nothing about the Catholic church that can be considered liberal, which is one of life's great ironies, given that Jesus was probably the most liberal of people to ever walk the Earth.

I read somewhere that of the 117 cardinals in the world, John Paul appointed 115 of them.  I'd think until that number turns over significantly, that there will be always be a European, ultra-conservative pope.

If I must broach the subject of religion, I'd rather call attention to this story.  I've seen quite a few pictures of this supposed image of the Virgin Mary, and the only one I've seen that even comes close to resembling anything like even a person is the first one in this CNN story.  Do people spend their days walking around actively looking for such things?  I'd love to have been there when the first person who noticed this stain passed by. 

Yes, I know, God works in mysterious ways, but underneath an expressway overpass?  At least the grill cheese sandwich episode from late last year had some "feast for a rapture" quality to it.

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donah42 said...

LOL! As soon as I heard who was chosen, that line popped into my head---"Meet the New Pope,same as the old pope..." Great minds think alike:)