16 April 2005

OK, OK, I won't mention horse bathroom habits anymore

1. If you played last week, did you actually go back to the very first edition of the "Saturday Six" to see what the first set of questions really were?  Were you surprised at the answer?  I am confused by this, so I will just go off on a tangent.  Where does the word "methinks" come from?  Is it something a pirate would say?  "Aargh!  Methinks I need some rum and a loose floozy!"  That seems too contrarian.  I suppose Shakespeare is more obvious, but really, why would he say something like "Methinks the King of Scotland has purloined my argyle socks"?  It doesn't seem very British. 

2. When you signed on to AOL today, how many new E-mails were in your Inbox?  How many were in your Spam Folder?  I usually have 5-10 new emails each day when I first sign on.  I rarely get spam.  I mean, I "get" spam, it's pretty much what's left of the pig after the pork chops, loin and ribs are taken, and speaking of spam, that reminds me of the Viking Spam song from Monty Python.  Perhaps the Vikings are responsible for introducing "methinks' into the lexicon.  It seems like something you'd say while rowing a boat with a huge dragon carved out of the front, while wearing a horned metal hat that conceals everything on top of your head except your long flowing blonde braids.  And I've been to Iceland.  They say lots of other wacky things there.

3. If there was one childhood friend from your youth that you could meet today to find out what happened to them, who would it be and why? When I was six I had a friend named Lee who moved away.  He called me once in the next year to say hello, but I haven't heard from him since.  I guess I wouldn't mind hearing the story of his life, but I have friends from high school that I have lost touch with that I'd rather re-connect with first.

4. How much weight would you like to gain or lose?  Whose body would you most like your own to resemble?  I've always been "fleshy" and accept that baring surgery, I always will be, but I notice that as I age I have more problems with my flexibilty, and I think it would be helpful to lose 25-30 pounds.  As with everything else in my life I expect that one day I'll tire of thinking about it and just do it.  I don't really have a desire to resemble anyone else.

5. What is the last CD or cassette you listened to in your car? "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" by U2 is in there at this very moment.  Can anyone tell me what "Crumbs from your Table" is supposed to be about?

6. RAPID FIRE QUESTION #1:  "The last time."  When is the last time you:
a. ...Lied to someone you care about? This is a loaded question.  Not sure exactly when, but sometime in the last week I said that I had already taken care of something when I was going to later that day.
b. ...Were tempted to reveal a secret that no one else knows?  It's been a while.  I really prefer to not know anyone's secrets so that I am not tempted to tell.  Ah, screw it, you can find the gold under the third rock behind the shed at the corner bakery.
c. ...Payed a bill online? My auto insurance in February.  I'm in good hands.
d. ...Saw a movie trailer that made you want to see the movie it advertised? The trailer to the new Star Wars movie looks intriguing, but I haven't seen the previous two so I doubt I will see this one.  I will probably see "War of the Worlds" because of the trailer.
e. ...Took an aspirin or pain reliever? A day or so ago, but I anticpate taking one for my back as soon as I am done with this.
f. ...Hung up on someone? Since the introductions of caller ID and the do not call list, I can't remember the last time I hung up on anyone.
g. ...Turned down an invitation to a party? I lead a fairly mundane life, and thus don't get a heck of a lot of party invitations, but I do recall something arriving in the mail last year inviting me to the Republican party, and I burned it immediately. 
h. ...Filled your car's gas tank? Last Saturday.  And I'm really, really tired of hearing about gas prices.  Go ahead and jack it up to $5 like it is in the rest of the world and force us to make some sacrifices already.
i. ...Had an unexpected knock on your door? UPS this week sometime dropping off a wedding present.  I love how they leave before you answer the door, so if you weren't home the potential is there for someone to snag whatever it is that was bought for you, and since you were never aware of it you never write a thank you note, and that person never forgets, and ultimately refuses to attend your funeral.  But hey, what can Brown do for you?
j. ...Ate a meal that left you absolutely stuffed? It's been a while, probably over the holidays sometime.  Wait, wait, what am I saying?  I went to Vegas last month and ate at three different dinner buffets, though to be honest I only remember eating too much at the Aladdin.  I'm such a name dropper...


funkyrenegade29 said...

Can I just mention how hillarious you are??

Love your responses...too funny...

Ok, I have been a U2 fan pretty much for life, so here is my attempt at the explanation of "Crumbs", in case you really were wondering what the song is about.  My interpretation:

He's been waiting for a "sign"...this person in his life means a lot to him, only he isn't sure the feeling is mutual.  (like who wouldn't want Bono??!!!)  The crumbs from the table are the little bits of attention/signs he gets from this person...only it isn't really enough.  Will he hang on & wait for this person to get it together?  One can only wonder...

Oh and by the way, congrats on your upcoming wedding!


onemoretina said...

    Hey there !! Regarding question #1   ... thought I'd send ya this informative link:   http://www.talklikeapirate.com/
.... and by the way, congrats on the upcoming wedding !!  ( found your site at Patrick's Place, obviously !! )       Tinahttp://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme