16 April 2005

Nothing, really

So I guess life is sometimes like a "Seinfeld" episode.

I was out running a few errands Friday afternoon and needed to swing by the post office to mail a few things.  I never get out of the car to do this, I can just drive up to the mailbox on the left side of the road across the street, but I have to drive past the main entrance of the PO to do this.

Today, being April 15th, the street was cluttered with many cars.  There's about six decent parallel parking spaces directly in front of the post office.  People were waiting for cars to leave so that they could park in their spots.  I was stopped in traffic for about five minutes, unable to get around the jam.

Cue the bass beat here, please.

Two cars ahead of me, the driver let someone pull out of a space.  He then pulled up just ahead of the now empty space, and put his car in reverse (I saw his tail lights go on).  As he was doing this, the car directly in front of me pulled into the parking spot, cutting off the car that was reversing into the space.

Everybody knows that you can't do that.  You can't pull in to a parallel parking spot with the front end.  You have to back it in.  The driver who had done this was miffed, shall we say, to see his space taken by such a blatant violator.

Words were exchanged.  Certain digits you'd find attached to a hand were displayed.

I'm not much for intervention.  I prefer to observe behind the lines of action, but in times like these, when such a blatant wrong has been committed, I can't help myself.

As I crept forward I rolled down the passenger side window and shouted "You can't do that!  You can't pull into a parallel parking space with your front end!  What's wrong with you?"

Both drivers looked at me like I was insane.

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