02 April 2005

Pretty freakin' early for a change

1. What is your favorite fruit?  Pineapple  Favorite vegetable? Broccoli  Favorite type of meat? Chicken  What food causes your diet the most trouble?  Snack stuff like cookies I guess

2. What food do you think has the most ridiculous-sounding name? Rhutabaga

3. If you had to pick one of the following to experience, which extreme adventure would you choose:
  A) Skydiving I don't care for plummeting
  B) Mountain Climbing Not since "Cliffhanger"
  C) Scuba Diving I lack proper bouyancy...
  D) Surfing in Hawaii ...and shark repellant
  E) Arctic Hiking in Alaska Antartica instead
  F) African Safari  Hopefully someday
  G) White Water Rafting "Deliverance"-nuff said

4. What skill do you most wish you could suddenly acquire in your sleep this evening? Cooking

5. How many active prescriptions do you have at the moment.  Of those, how many do you take regularly? Two, and I take them both daily

6. You're considering a major change or a big decision awaits you.  Are there any special images you ever dream that tend to guide you in one direction or another or that seem to suggest that the option you're considering is the right one? I don't think so.  I only have two or three images that ever repeat in my dreams.  One involves working again in my former retail career.  I also dream a lot about witnessing tornadoes and airplane crashes, though never together.

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pixiedustnme said...

Broccoli?  Broccoli?  Okay, only with a TON of cheese sauce :-)  http://journals.aol.com/pixiedustnme/Inmyopinion/entries/878