12 April 2005

A plea to do better

I was told that my last answers to Patrick's Saturday Six were far too boring.  So in the spirit of "Hollywood Squares" I am going to assume that I am being asked these questions while residing in the center square:

1. Where did you buy the last fast food you ate? Phil's chilli shack, where "We give you the finger every time."  McDonald's I think, sometime in February.  I don't do fast food much, though you'd never guess that by looking at me.  Irish genetics...

2. What was the last movie you watched in a theater? "Sideways."  Imagine my surprise when I found that it was not about the true adventures of what happens in the middle of the night at the city morgue.

3. When you walk into a room, what do you think people notice first about you? The fact that I have one oversized eye, centered directly on my forehead. What do you wish they'd notice first about you? My gigantic ears.  (One of these is true)

4. You win a special lottery but you aren't allowed to keep any of the money.  Instead, it must go to a single charitable organization.  Which would you choose and why? The Republican National Committee, of course.  I don't see how this fine group of people has been able to accomplish anything these last four years with virtually no monetary support from the masses.  Why, the way that the GOP has been shunned and scorned by big business and religious groups makes me shake with anger! 

I need to go bathe now.

5. What was the subject of the most recent E-mail you forwarded? I've never forwarded an email, no matter what those goofs at Quantico say.

6. Without looking, which of the previous five questions would you most expect to have been asked in the very first episode of the "Saturday Six?"  After you answer, if you go back to the first edition, don't reveal the answer here.  I don't know, and I can't think of anything pithy to say here.  I just want a pop tart.

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sighlemaccaba said...

You're funny.  sheila