13 September 2004

Better late than never

Once again, I am in "Saturday Six" compliance...

1. With about 50 days left until the election, you suddenly have the chance to recast the two presidential candidates.  Who would you want to replace Bush and Kerry?  That's a tough one.  For the GOP, I would have said McCain until his pathetic boot licking performances of the last month or so.  I'll go with JC Watts of Oklahoma.  For the dems, Bill Richardson, who is the current governor of New Mexico.

2. What color would you never wear in your wardrobe?  Pink

3. Other than a journal, what was the last website you visited?  CNN.com

4. Have you ever had the exact same dream more than once?  Have you ever had a dream one night pick up where the last night's dream left off?  Never the exact same dream, but for the last two years, ever since I left my long career as a retail manager, I have had dreams of being back in that position about four nights per week.  Some are pretty normal, others are not.
5. Which is more organized:  your kitchen, your medicine cabinet, your computer desk, your office, or your car?  Medicine cabinet.  It's nt even close.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #22 from Robin:  Are you a native of the state you currently reside in?  If not, how many states have you lived in since the state you're a native of?  I was born in Chicago and have lived within 15 miles of the city my whole life, except for four years of college in Iowa City.

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