28 September 2004


I woke up today and saw something that I haven't seen in a long time.


I can't remember the last time we had any kind of weather except 100% sunny and clear.  It hasn't rained once in September.  Today was the first day this month that the high temperature was below 70.

I don't remember leaving Chicago for San Diego.

I wrote something not long ago about loving this time of year but always being wary of when the last "perfect day" was going to be.  It's different this year because it seems like we have had 30 of them in a row.  I know that soon it is going to be cold and gray, for days on end, and while I may grow tired of it, I will realize that we were fortunate to have so many great days, and I will get over it.

I am not lost in appreciation of this, especially when I see what the south and east have been through recently.  I have friends in Orlando and I have not had the opportunity to speak with them since Forida became a hurricane magnet.  I can only imagine what it has been like for people down there, and in other places where it has rained so much.

As you can see, there isn't a lot going on around here today.  I'm aware of the things that are out there, that normally get me going, but they don't matter to me today.

I just want to sit here and look out my window.

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sistercdr said...

Don't you love days like this when you really get to appreciate things?