22 September 2004

Cat Stevens Greatest Hits (revised)

Sometimes, during my frequent Internet travels, I see things and my first thought is that someone is watching me, that I have been plunged into an online "Candid Camera" episode.  There are some things I see on what I consider 100% reliable websites for news that can't possibly be true.

I think this one is the all-time champion.

I suppose that it is possible that the former Mr. Cat Stevens is a serious threat to national security, that all of this has nothing to do with freaking out about Muslims in this country, especially ones that used to be American citizens.  I'm not that big a fan of his music and certainly consider him a threat to the continued success of Muzak, but I am having trouble buying the fact that he can't enter the country.  There has to be something going on here, and I want to know what it is.  I think that if our leaders are going to behave like this, they have to offer full explanations.  I know that is not going to happen, certainly not under this administration, so I guess I can do nothing but lean back, laugh, and consider just how Cat Stevens is a threat to you and me.

May I suggest Cat get to work on reissuing some of his better known works?

(To the tune of "Moonshadow")

Yes, I'm being followed by John Ashcroft, John Ashcroft, John Ashcroft

Walking and stalking from John Ashcroft, John Ashcroft, John Ashcroft

And if I ever lose my right, to enter this country day or night

Yes if I ever lose that right, oh well...should have read the Patriot Act

(To the tune of "Morning Has Broken")

Ashcroft has spoken, passengers are awoken

Can't go to DC, till they ditch me 

Fame it is fleeting, I am still seething

The US so demeaning, thank you George W. Orwell

I can pretty much guarantee that I will have a few more of these.  Wish I knew how to single space when I don't fill up a whole line.






donah42 said...

Hey, maybe if he rode in on the "Peace Train" he wouldn't have had any problems ;)

xzasporated1 said...

Somehow I have a hunch you might have plenty more lyrics to write before this is all said and done.

This episode is sad and embarrassing.  To all of us.  But, oh baby, it's the Bush World.

~~ jennifer