23 September 2004

"Everybody gets a car! And, um, a visit from the IRS!"

God Bless Oprah.

She's on such a roll recently.  First, she sits on a jury during a murder trial last month and has an epiphany on just how bad life on the street is while she votes to convict a man of murder.  Next, she gives away 200+ $28,000 Pontiacs, one for evey person in her studio audience last week.

You might think the cars are free.  You'd think wrong. It'll cost each "receipient" $7000 in taxes if they want to keep the car.

Oprah is a very rich woman.  I have no doubt that she has the best interests of people in her heart, but she is incredibly idealistic.  Her pontifications on how bad life is in the street after serving for two days on a jury were embarrassing.  She's been living in Chicago for almost 20 years.  Parts of the city are excessively violent and have been for a long time.  Does she ever pick up a newspaper? 

And the car stunt is ridiculous as well.  Her generosity instead has created about two million dollars of debt.  Something tells me she can afford two million dollars.  If I were her, I'd pony up the taxes.  It would be more publicity for her anyway.

I don't watch Oprah except when she has a guest that I am interested in, such as Bill Clinton.  When she has a giveaway, such as she did with the car or her Christmas show when she showers her audience with gift samples, I usually hear the audio of the moment of discovery on a local radio show here.  It's hysterical.  As soon as the audience is aware that they are getting something, they all start screaming hysterically.  You'd think someone just doused them with gasoline and lit a match.

"Everybody gets a clue!"


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ginskia said...

Hi Jim,

Now how did I know that you would mention Bill Clinton in here?? LOL!!!  I don't get to watch her much and she is very clever.  She is too rich for her own good and I frankly think she has forgotten how hard it is to have been in hard times as she once was.  I am glad that she is a success, but I can just take her or leave her.

Yes I feel more sorry that the ones who keep the cars will pay a huge tax dollar.  That was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw it on the news that night.