21 September 2004

More timeliness

I'm sure someone thinks it is Saturday somewhere.

1. If you could give your journal a content rating, which would you select:  G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17?  PG.  I write about my life, which is about as PG as one can get, and while I can drop an F-bomb with the best of them in conversation, I feel no need to do it here.

2. Are you left handed or right handed?  Do you wish you were the opposite? Right-handed, though I can do most things left-handed as well, except write.  One day I plan on teaching myself to play golf left handed and see if it makes me better than I am as a rightie.  I have never wished to be a lefty, though if I was and could throw a baseball 80 MPH, I would have been set for life. 

3. What is the last play you saw performed live in a theater? Les Miserables a long time ago.  Every Sunday when I read the arts section in the Tribune I always tell myself that I need to see more plays.

4. Your bank gives you the opportunity to send them a photo which they will make into personal checks for you?  What single photo would you most likely send?  Probably a shot of Wrigley Field at night taken from the air, or the Chicago skyline looking north from the Adler Planetarium.
5. What character from the original "Star Trek" do you most identify with?  Captain Kirk, solely because we share the same first name (James).  I know little else about the show.

Heather:  What secret urge do you have, but never act on?  Um, wouldn't answering this not make it a secret anymore?  Is it wrong that I want to belt out a tune as Ethel Merman every once in a while?

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