25 September 2004

Saturday six

And it is actually Saturday...

1. Who is the last person you took a photograph of?  My four year old niece, Erin, sitting on the rocks by a pond at the Missouri Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago.

2. What decade do you hold the most dear and why?  Hmm, I guess I have to go with the 80's, since I grew up then.  I loved the music, figured out who and what I am, and, most importantly, survived.  Not that I shouldn't have, just that it was a time where I made a lot of decisions about the type of life I would have.

3. Take the
quiz:  What mystical creature are you?  Apparently, when the moon is full I am supposed to sprout hair and attack things.  Guess I'd better move to London.

4. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?  I have to go with a pint of Guinness, but it has to be drawn on the other side of the pond.  There's is nothing like a fresh pint in Ireland.  Guess I'd better move to Dublin.
5. What do you normally wear to bed?  Depends on the time of year.  The warmer is it, the less I wear.  Just shorts in the summer, flannel PJ pants in the winter with a t-shirt as well.

Cherie:  What movie character do you most identify with?  George W. Bush in "Fahrenheit 9/11" HA!  I can't decide.  When I was working retail I would have said The Wolf (Harvey Keitel) from "Pulp Fiction."  I'll go with Gary Sinise in "Truman."

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ginskia said...

Hi Jim,

I like your answers here.  I had a big laugh on the last one.