02 September 2004

Frances...Jim, Jim...Frances

The plans were first introduced and talked about at my nephew's graduation party in June.  A cousin has work contacts in Miami.  Contacts know people with great seats to Florida Marlins games.  Cubs are in Miami for a three game series over Labor Day weekend. 

We connect the dots and make plans to go.  Two weeks later at another family gathering, we confirm that we indeed are ready to roll.

Alas, duty calls.  The next week the cousin finds they have to be elsewhere that weekend, unavoidable work conflict.  Such is life.  Maybe next year.  But in the two months that follow there are several times where I think of how much fun that would have been, and how it's a shame that we couldn't pull it off.

Of course, if the plans had remained in place, I would have received a phone call sometime this week:

"Hi,  Jim?  Frances, Category 5 hurricane, damn glad to meet you." 





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