02 September 2004

If it's Tuesday, it must be funny. AND COMPASSIONATE-NEVER FORGET THAT!!!

I had to wait to write about Tuesday night at the Improv-er, Republican Convention until tonight solely because I was laughing much too hard after watching the Bush twins, Paris and Nicky, yuck it up on stage before introducing their mother, Donna Reed.

Before that we were treated to the lovely, astute governor of California, Arnold "Why yes, I was planning on mentioning Nixon, is that a problem?" Schwarzenegger.  I am happy to see that Arnold is still confusing his shoe polish with his hair dye.  He must have picked that up from Reagan somewhere in the bowels of the mansion in Sacramento.

In reality, I am surprised that Madison Square Garden did not implode Tuesday.  I would think that the change in atmospheric pressure from the collective tightening of thousands of sphincter muscles when Arnold brought up Nixon, and when those wacky Bush twins (Mary Kate and Ashley) offered up their grandmother's opinion about sex would have brought the arena down.

I was extremely disappointed that none of the networks showed Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson yucking it up in their private box during these uproarious presentations.  Seriously, who knew that Republicans could be so wacky?

Did you notice that Tuesday's theme was "People of Compassion"?  I swear, the laughs just keep coming! 

Oh God, my sides...it's almost as funny as 2000.  Remember how madcap that was, when Bush ran as a "compassionate conservative" and fifty million lemmings bought it?  Hysterical!  I've roared with glee at all the compassionate things that have happened since then, like the trampling of environmental regulations, taking care of the richest 1% of the people in the country and ignoring the conflict of interest that is Haliburton.  And the trashing of anything else that doesn't fit the far right agenda all in the name of a terrorist attack that killed 3000 people!  Wow, you couldn't make up stuff this good!

And let's not forget the funniest moment of this administration, all those weapons of mass destruction that were found in Iraq.  Man, the look on George Tenet's face...

I think quite possibly the only people not having a blast over the fun that this admimistration has brought to America are the 950 or so American soldiers who have died since the invasion of Iraq. 

Sorry to bring it down a notch.  I know that we are all supposed to have a tremendous feel-good feeling from the GOP.  C'mon, it's fun!  We are all supoosed to be having FUN!  Tax breaks, pre-emptive strikes, 9/11-9/11-9/11, it's nothing but F-U-N.

The GOP brings the F-U-N to Amercia!!!

Or at least the F-U




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