28 February 2005

Just a tad late this time

1. If a space colony could be built on the Moon or on Mars and humans could live there under protective domes, would you have any interest in living away from Earth?  Not permanently.  I would go for a visit just to experience the feeling of not being on Earth, but I could not choose to live there.

2. A commercial for a credit company starts with a man being denied for a loan because of his credit score (619) and then he encounters that same number in multiple places.  Is there a number that holds some significance for you that you encounter fairly often?  Yep.  The number #647.  That was the number ID of a drug store I managed in Chicago, in a very interesting neighborhood.  It was four and a half years of F-U-N.  I actually wrote about this last year, here.

3. How many items are in your refrigerator door at this moment?  Of those, how many have you not touched in the last six months? Probably thirty items, and half have not been touched in a long, long time.  I don't have a side door to my fridge, I have a Petri dish.

4. How often do you buy a movie without seeing it (either in a theater or through a movie rental)?  What was the last movie you purchased without having seen first?  Do you now think that if you'd seen it first, you wouldn't have purchased it? I've never done that.  I've only bought maybe three movies ever.  I don't think I'd ever buy a movie without having seen it.
5. What was the last thing you purchased at an electronics store?  Gift card!  An office supply store?  New laser printer TONER cartridge!  A department store?  A Christmas present!

6. Do you expect to owe taxes this year or get a refund?  Will this year's debt or refund be greater or less than last year's?  Neither.  I haven't made enough income in the last two years to owe any taxes.  Honest.

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