16 February 2005

What's that definition of "irony" again?

Now that Maya Keyes, the daughter of former US Senate candidate Alan Keyes, has confirmed that she is a lesbian, the newspapers in Chicago have exhaled the air that they have collectively held since late last summer.

I don't compliment the media much, but I will here.  I am impressed that both the Trib and Sun-Times never mentioned the all-but-confirmed rumors of Candidate Keyes' daughter's sexuality until she herself did.  That's the way it should have been.

I don't have a heck of a lot to say about this.  Maya Keyes will be just fine.  She is clearly a smart, well-versed woman who will handle her public life with grace.  It's just a shame that it appears that she will do so without the support of her parents.

Alan Keyes is truly a world-class nutjob.  I look forward to the day he refers to his own daughter as a "selfish hedonist" just as he did Vice-President's Cheney's daughter Mary at the Republican Convention last summer.

I'll say this for Keyes: at least when he discriminates, he doesn't discriminate.

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