28 February 2005

Oscar redux


Huh?  Oh, sorry, just waking up from my Oscar-induced snooze.

Hey, look at that-I was 8 for 8 on my predictions.  For that, I win the grand prize: the right to be the next person who beats Martin Scorsese in the best director category.

It was a pretty boring show.  I'm pleased that they have finally found a way to speed things up, but if they want to lop off even more time, they should ditch the performance of every nominated best song.  That's close to a half hour right there.  All five performances were excruciatingly bad.  Have you heard any of those songs before?

Chris Rock was boring as well.  I say next year they turn the hosting duties over to Flavor Flav and Brigette Nielsen. 

Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx and Clint Eastwood gave great speeches.  Cate Blanchett was OK, and Hilary Swank was completely bland.  Please, Hil, let this be the last time we ever hear about the "I forgot to thank my husband" moment from 1999. 

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lamove04 said...

You at least deserve a Wolfgang Puck Chocolate Oscar or something, 8 for 8 is pretty impressive.  --Albert