07 February 2005

Quick post-SB thoughts

Not only did I correctly pick the Patriots winning by three, I almost nailed the exact final score.  I was pulling for the Eagles to get a break late, kick the tying field goal to send the game into OT, and then watch Adam Vinateri win a Super Bowl for the third time with a kick on the game's last play.  Alas, 'twas not meant to be.  And as far as for picking the Patriots by 3, I'd love to tell you that I have all these formulas and such, and that it took me hours of careful analysis to come up with that margin, but I'd be lying.  New England won each of their previous two Super Bowls by three.  I just guessed that they could do it again.

History will judge the 39th Super Bowl as mediocre, and I have a feeling that will suit the Patriots just fine, thank you.  It's refreshing to see a professional sports team place its emphasis on all facets of the team.  There's normally very little showboating from New England, though for some reason yesterday they decided that whenever someone scored they should flap their wings like an Eagle.  For the most part, the team keeps its collective mouth shut.  Winning tends to make a louder statement than any spoken word.

I do wonder what the circumstances have to be for Andy Reid (Philly's coach) to employ a hurry-up offense.  When your team is down by two scores with three minutes left in the game, you should never be in a huddle.  My exact final score completion may have come to fruition if the Eagles' offense had a sense of urgency.  Their lack of time management skills late in the game would have driven me absolutely insane if I were a Philly fan.

Let's hope that Terrell Owens gets the credit he deserves for playing yesterday.  Actually, he did more than play, he was a major factor in how Philly was able to keep the game close.  This is a guy who had major surgery a little more than six weeks ago for a broken leg.  It's amazing not only that he was able to play, but that he was able to play at his normal level of excellency.  I doubted the man, not because of who he is, but because I saw his injury and thought that there was no way anyone could come back in that time frame.  Owens has a big mouth and sometimes does things on the field that are unnecessary, but the guy is also a big-time warrior.  It's ridiculous that people were calling him out leading up to the game for being selfish because he wanted to play.  If he did not play yesterday, the score of that game would have been 24-7, or maybe even 24-0.  Owens belongs on the short list of guys who have played beyond expectation when injured on the main stage.  Why this isn't getting more positive publicity astounds me.

Let New England bask in the glory of their dynasty until August.  They deserve it.  I'm sure they will be favored again next year, but they will have plenty of competition.  Looking for a darkhorse to win it all next year?  You don't have to go very far from the location of last night's game.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are loaded, especially on defense, and could well improve on their 9-7 record from this past year.

So we say adios to football, which means baseball is right around the corner.  As for the promise of warmer weather, I'll wait just a bit until I fall for that.  It's about as miserable as can be here in Chicago today.


mistersnitch666 said...

Congrats on the SuperBowl prediction. It's amazing that the commentators, even after the game <a href="http://mistersnitch.blogspot.com/2005/02/super-bowl-commentators-still-wrong.html">STILL don't get it </a>...

candace636 said...

I don't know why a dynasty from New England is so much easier to accept then a "dynasty" from Dallas...but it is. : )
We've had a great winter here in the Minneapolis area. It was in the 50s for several days last week, so I'll take it!
Congrats on predicting the score.