06 February 2005

Quick prediction

New England 27  Philadelphia 24

I really would like to see the Eagles win.  I like Donovan McNabb, he's a native Chicagoan and he has certainly paid his dues.  The Patriots have won two of the last three years, so why not let someone else have a turn?

But my biggest reason for wanting Philly to win is this: Boston has had enough to celebrate lately-the already mentioned two NFL titles, plus the Red Sox winning the World Series this year.  With the way the Sox came back from that 3-0 deficit against the Yankees in the ALCS, it's as if they won twice. 

I know Boston has gone through some long stretches with lousy sports teams, and I'm happy that they have had some recent success, but life is enjoyed best when enjoyed in moderation.

That being said, I can't not pick New England.  They are clearly the better team.  The wallet says go with the Patriots.  The heart says the Eagles.

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