10 May 2005

Ah, so this is where I belong

We've been back from Ireland since last Thursday, but for the first time in a fortunate life of travel, I was afflicted with an extreme case of jet lag.  Last night was the first time I was not asleep by ten since we got back.  I am also moving this week, never an easy process for me.  I crave distraction.

Yeah, I know, enough of the excuses.

My lovely bride had never been to the Emerald Isle and had given me no agenda other than a required visit to the Waterford Crystal factory, so I wanted to make sure that I took her to the more beautiful places in the country.

I had not been to Ireland since July of 1998, and within an hour of arriving I was wondering how I had managed to let that happen.  I should go there every year if for no other reason than to drive.  I don't think many things compare to the adrenaline rush I get driving in Ireland, particularly in the Southwest, where they have fences along the roads that are carved though the mountains that would not stop you from falling over if you hit it with a tricycle.  I guess it is something that must be seen to be believed.

I had read and heard many things about the raging Irish economy, the so called "Celtic Tiger" since I was there last, and I was apprehensive about there being too much going on.  In some places this was the case.  Roads have been built that bypass towns instead of going through them.  People have vacation homes in areas where one has to wonder how electricity and plumbing are supplied, and Dublin, well Dublin is a whole other place than it was when I was there last in '98.

But there are still plenty of places that remain untouched, and will be until the end of time. 

I plan on providing further details of the trip in the next few days.  But I see that it is after 10 now, and I should have been asleep thirty minutes ago...

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kissofvanity said...

What a lovely 'green' picture you paint with your words.  I would love to see Ireland.

Ana  ((0.~))