15 May 2005

Hey, Newsweek, thanks!

Here's an update to my "settle down" post from last night: Newsweek is now "backing away" from their claims that Americans at Guantanamo Bay desecrated the Koran.

Fantastic, guys and gals.  Enjoy this next week, when you are rigthly blamed for the hysteria this story caused.  People died because you printed a fact that you are now not certain was a fact.

And who is going to be the first conservative blowhard to accuse Newsweek of going forward with their report just because it would make the President look bad?  My money's on Sean "I'll say anything to get to Kennebunkport" Hannity.

I subscribe to Newsweek, and if someone doesn't lose their job over this, I don't see how I could continue to read the magazine.

A side note: I've seen the Muslim Holy Book referred to as the "Koran" and "Quran" in these stories.  Can't we just agree on one spelling for everyone?  In the aftermath of 9/11, 80% of the print media used "Osama" and 20% went with "Usama."  In the 80's it was "Khaddafi" vs. "Qaddafi."

And let's not forget the all-time classic: "Raymond Luxury Yacht" vs. "Throat Warbling Mangrove."

(I don't expect many people to remember that last one)


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sighlemaccaba said...

And I understand that our Fearless Leader was bashing around on his down-home dirt bike while all the hysteria was going on.  Then, simultaneously, the Holy Book scenario....I feel as if I'm watching a really bad movie.  sheila