17 May 2005

Someone needs a serious reality check

This week's issue of "Time" has an article about how some pastors from Southern churches (the SOUTH?  I can't believe it!) are rallying their congregations from the pulpit to get the President's judicial nominees a vote in the sure-to-be approved Senate.

I don't really care about this.  I mean, c'mon, it's all about politics with church leaders lately.  They are as addicted to power as any politician in this country is.  Quite frankly, I'm sick of both sides blaming the other.  The Republicans are whining about the fillibuster because it is hampering their agenda.  If it were the other way around, the Democrats would be whining just as hard.

What draws me to comment about this is the last quotation in the article, from Rev. Rick Scarborough (who cites the time he witnessed a presentation that, excuse me, I'm having palpitations just having to write these words, actually said that condoms could dramatically reduce the spread of AIDS as the moment he felt he had to get involved) of Houston (Texas?  I'm SHOCKED I tell you) about what he feels is happening in this country:

"Where we are headed right now with separation of church and state is that Christians will no longer be eligible to be involved in political debate."

Has he been in a coma since November 2000?


oceanmrc said...

I can hardly stand how these folks who have commandeered the title "Christian" go around whining that they are deprived of an opportunity to be heard.  They have pretty well drowned out the rest of us.

funkyrenegade29 said...

Hmmm....what was that crazy comment about "separation of church and state"??  What a horrible scenario....I mean, its not like our country's foundation was based on such a separation or anything silly like that....