21 May 2005

I have seen the light

I'm finding it abhorrent that the media seems thrilled that this woman married the kid she raped ten years ago.

Where is the outcry over this?  Why is so much energy being wasted on things like this (GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!) yet no one says anything about what went on outside Seattle this weekend?

We must keep marriage sacred!

Only acceptable between and a man and a woman, even if she is his rapist.

Seriously, please, somebody, wake me up!


lamove04 said...

I find this unbelievable too, Jim.  That marriage absolutely repulses me, that woman is nuts.  It's an incredible double standard too, because if it was a man with an underage girl, it NEVER would have gone down like this.  --Albert

lamove04 said...

And btw, Jim: a bit belated, but my warmest congratulations on your marriage!!

I do hope you and your bride enjoyed the event and honeymoon.  --Albert

belfastcowboy75 said...

I hadn't put these two issues together in my head. Thanks for doing it for me.