11 May 2005

Things keep piling up

I have some catching up to do...

From April 23:

1. If you could ask any question of the head honcho of AOL about the recent journal concerns, what would your question be?
I know you are, but what am I?
2. How many journals do you visit regularly in an average week...or...if you use a blog aggregator service like "Bloglines," how many journals do you have in your subscription lists?

Probably 20.  I used to visit a lot more, but I realized I was spending way too much time reading other people's writing rather than working on my own.
3. Back in July,
I asked which of the Seven Deadly Sins (pride, envy, gluttony, anger, greed, sloth, and lust,) you were most guilty of. Now, it's time to pat yourselves on the back and figure out which one you are the least guilty of. Greed.  I give freely.

4. Recent reports indicate that some pharmacists are refusing to sell their customers the controversial "morning-after pill" when the customer prevents their prescription. Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse to sell a medication for which a customer presents a valid prescription based on their own religious beliefs?
NO WAY!  Make a decision-your beliefs or your job.  I wrote about this not long ago when this came up in Chicago:


5. Take
this personality test: What type of personality does it say you are? Then go back to this page, click the link that matches your results. Read the description: how accurate do you think it is about you? It says that I am INFP.  I don't know how accurate the description is, because I think if I did this three years ago and from now, I'd get different results, but it says that I'm the same as Fred Savage and Calvin (from "Calvin and Hobbes") so I must be cool.

SpringsNymph: You've received an unexpected windfall of $50,000. What home improvement would you spend it on? None.  I'd pay off some debt and invest the rest. 

From April 30:

1. What do you tend to focus on the most?
   A.  The past.
   B.  The present.
   C.  The future as you think it will be.
   D.  The future as you are afraid it will be.

I would have answered the past until not long ago, but I think I have finally managed to realize that there's nothing you can do to change it.  I don't focus much on the present, which has always been somewhat of an issue in this thing called life.  I think about the future all the time, but not as I think it will be or what I am afraid it will be like.  Weird answer I know, but it's the best I can do.

2. Name three famous people (living or dead) whose blogs you would like to be able to read. My father, Harry Truman during the end of World War II and Debra Winger.

3. How long have you lived in your current residence? Three weeks  How much longer do you intend to live in the same place? At least a year. 

4. Take the
pointless quiz:  What color is your heart?  Red.  Should it have been any other color?  I don't get it.  I know Joan Jett has a blackheart, but what else is there? 

5. How many of AOL's journalers have you met in person?  How many have you spoken with by telephone?  None on both questions.  Does this mean my red heart is anti-social?

6. RAPID FIRE Question #2:  Who or what is the most annoying:
   a) Politician Any of the "Holier than though" bunch     (DeLay, Santorum, etc.)
   b) Late Night Talk Show Host  Jay Leno
   c) Color  Yellow
   d) Habit  Smoking
   e) Female Celebrity Paris Hilton, though I use the term "celebrity" loosely (pun intended)
   f) Male Celebrity Bill O'Reilly
   g) Television Show Any reality TV show 
   h) Commercial "I just saved money on my car insurance"
   i) Fashion Statement Wearing clothes fifteen sizes too large
   j) Word Word

And from May 7:

1. What is your single biggest frustration right this minute? The Chicago Cubs bullpen.

2. What classic television show would you most like to see made into a modern-day movie?  What classic movie do you think you'd like to see remade? No desire for either.  To me, remakes are just an admission that the people who create aren't working hard enough.

3. How many people in your family are war veterans?  Of those, how many have you actually talked to about their experiences in war? My father was a Korean War vet and was open to talking about it if you asked.  He was an air traffic controller and didn't have any combat stories, but what stories he did have were amazing. 

COURTENAYMPHELAN:  Who do you think is the best author in J-land for poetry?  How about for prose? I have to admit that I don't read poetic journals.  I can't pick a best prose journal because I think everyone has their own style.

COURTENAYMPHELAN: If you haven't put your picture in your journal, would you consider doing so?  If you have, what made you do so? I keep thinking that one day I'll start putting pictures in my journal, but then I remember I started it for the purpose of working on my writing.  If I do decide to put pictures in, I don't think I'd put one of me in.  I kind of enjoy the anonymous feel to it.

Nyuknyukpik2:  What is your favorite black and white movie and why? "Citizen Kane."  It's an incredible story and just about a perfect movie.

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