31 May 2005

Always leave 'em yearning for more

Last night I finished reading "The Road to McCarthy" by Pete McCarthy.  It's a book that recounts the author's journeys to several places around the globe that have been heavily influenced both by the Irish and people named "McCarthy."  I was fascinated to see how the Irish have made a mark for themselves in parts of Montana, Alaska, Morocco and Montserrat.  It's highly entertaining, and if you like travel writing, I recommend it.

Or read his first book, "McCarthy's Bar", his travelogue about places in Ireland that actually have a pub named "McCarthy's Bar."  Having been to Ireland recently, I can verify that there are indeed a lot of them in Eire.  The first rule of travel: never pass a bar with your name on it without going inside to check it out. 

Before I began his second book, I went to Pete McCarthy's web site in anticipation of seeing a list of twelve more books he has written, or maybe the date of a new release later this year.

Alas, I saw this instead.  Pete's traveling days are tragically over, and there will be no more books to follow.

Knowing this, I waited a while to read his last book since I knew that I would not have the opportunity to acquire anything new by him.  It's odd when you read a work of non-fiction which heavily features the actions of the author when you know he is no longer living, that everything contained on the pages is past, and is essentially his last literary will and testament.

Pete and I share the same last name, and his family originated from the west of County Cork, same where mine hailed from as well.  I have no clue if we might be distantly related, and I really don't care.  I'm just glad I had the opportunity to experience his writing while he is still relevant.


sighlemaccaba said...

Pete McCarthy is no longer with us?  That's terrinble news.  I read McCarthy's Bar after i came home from my first trip to Ireland. If only it had been on the Library shelves before i went! , because where I went was his territory, Cork.  I could have had a more knoweldgeable weekend. Skibereen, the Great Hunger, etc.  What happened to him?  He was not an old man.  Please let me know.  I LOVED Pete McCarthy and his wonderful wit. sheila

ber144 said...

Pete McCarthy died last October from cancer eight months after he was diagnosed.  He was 51.

belfastcowboy75 said...

Sheila and Jim...So the two of ye thought ye could have a feis without me, didja?Not bludy likely.