01 November 2004

The last shall be first

The countdown to November 2 ends here:

#1 The End

Tomorrow is Election Day, finally.  I've spent the last ten days outlining what I consider to be the many failures of the presidency of George W. Bush.  For those of you expecting a big finish, I am going to sorely disappoint you.  I am just about out of ammunition.

This has been the most acrimonious campaign that I can ever remember.  I thought the '88 race between Bush and Dukakis was nasty.  This year's race makes '88 look like a square dance.  There's been enough mud slung to cover the Rockies in about a mile of muck.  Neither side has done much to tell the voters of this nation why they deserve to be elected.  It is so much easier in these times to concentrate and the failures of your opponent.

Still, I can't see myself dealing with another four years of President Bush.  I'm sure that he is a nice guy and that it would be fascinating to sit and have an O'Doul's with him, but he is without a doubt the least qualified president that we have ever had.  He's nothing but a legacy, in the White House for the same reason he was at Yale, because his daddy was there first.  History will look back on this time and wonder how we could have been so dumb to make this man a president.

If we do it again, if we send Bush back to Washington, then we will have truly become a nation of sheep.  If Bush is re-elected then we will never have a nation less divided than we do now. 

I'm not going to rehash the previous nine entries that make my case for Bush to go.  All I will say is this: he has presided over one of the more discriminatory administrations in history.  He has done just about the opposite of everything he pledged to do in 2000, and his first concern is money.  He is a green President, in so many, many ways.  Unfortunately, environmentally is not one of them.

I will wrap this up with some of my favorite examples of how much of an idiot this man is, with a few highlights of things he has said and done:

1. Trying to explain to a group of people how sad it is that malpractice costs are driving doctors out of business: "Too many ob/gyns aren't able to practice their love with the women."  Well, hello sailor!

2. Two weeks ago, while listening to the news on the radio, Bush was detailing all of the weapon systems that John Kerry voted against.  One was the Apache (like the Indian) helicopter.  Or the A-pa-shay, as the President pronounced it.

3. At a media dinner last year Bush showed a film of himself looking for something in the Oval Office.  He peered under furniture and looked behind curtains.  Describing this to his audience he said, "those weapons of mass destruction have to be around here somewhere!"  I heard that got a big laugh from 1100 dead American soldiers.

4. Any of the many "Don't mess with Texas" poses he has struck for the covers of magazines or various photo ops. 

5. Finally, though I honestly believe that this movie was a little too rough on him, the final scene of "Fahrenheit 9/11" sums up the intelligence factor of this man.  Bush is attempting to quote the "fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me" adage, but mangles it in such a way as to leave him looking like a simpleton.

Certainly, these are not five reasons to not want to vote for him.  I just want to end this series on a lighter note.  It's hard to consistently write about things political without going into a coma.

And with that, I say goodbye to the presidential election of 2004.  And may I also, please, please, please, please say goodbye to the presidency of George W. Bush!


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lamove04 said...

Awesome series, Jim.  Informative, fair, and impressively comprehensive. Congrats.  --Albert