19 November 2004

You think you know a shark

I freely admit that I am writing about this solely because I read about it on Andrew Sullivan's blog. 

I haven't seen Shark Tale yet, so I can't know for sure what exactly this article is referring to, but it certainly seems that the people at the American Family Association think this movie condones aquatic homosexuality.

I  always hear how extreme portions of the left are in this country, but I swear, I have never read anything as ridiculous and stupid as this.

The far right scares the hell out of me, and the fact that it isn't as far right as it used to be REALLY scares me.

And my political moratorium is over.  I can't wait until the end of the month anymore.  I am almost finished with Bill Clinton's book, I saw the cermonies at his library today, and the whole Tom DeLay situation makes my head hurt.  I can't stay away anymore.  I lasted over two weeks.  Give me a little credit.

1 comment:

lamove04 said...

What can I say?  First Bert and Ernie, then a known Lesbian playing a Clownfish, and now this???  What's the world coming to?

Glad your political moratorium is over, your perspective is much appreciated.