06 November 2004

Your Saturday Six

No politics were discussed in the answering of these questions!

1. If you could invent your own cable channel, what would it be called and what type of programming would it show? I'd name it "The Reality Channel" and show actual reality on it, not the stuff that the networks think is real.  I know nobody would watch it, which I think is the point.

2.  What is your typical Thanksgiving dinner menu? All traditional stuff-turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.

3. What was your first job?  Was it within the career path you ultimately intended to pursue? I became a stock clerk at a drug store in my hometown shortly after I turned sixteen.  Through the next eight years I held just about every position possible there until I went into their management program, and spent the next twelve years managing several locations for the same company until I quit in the summer of 2002 to pursue life.

4. You're at home by yourself:  do you prefer to wear shoes, slippers, socks only or go barefooted? Barefoot unless it's really cold, and then I will wear socks.

5. What's your favorite restaurant appetizer? Mozzarella cheese sticks with ranch sauce

Carly: Do you have a single comment that was ever left that you really enjoyed to the point you still remember it? I appreciate every comment I get (not a lot frankly) but the one I remember the most was in response to an entry I wrote about reading Bill Clinton's book.  A woman left me a comment telling me how much she enjoyed reading what I said, how she missed President Clinton terribly, and how she hoped the country would realize how good they had it when he was in office someday.  She said she was 85 years old and fearful that she would not live to see things change.  I was moved by her words, and wrote her a long email thanking her for the comment, but when I sent it, I found she had a restricted list of people she could receive mail from.  I never got the chance to tell her how much I appreciated herthoughts.

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