14 October 2004

And the last shall be first

I'm wondering what to do about last night's debate.  Do I go at it full throttle or do I gently let it go as the end of hostilities?  I tried something different yesterday, writing down notes as I watched along with any pithy comments I could come up with then, and think maybe it'd be better just to list my reactions as bullet points:

-W denies he said that he doesn't worry about bin Laden anymore.  Even I remember that he said that, and a quick Internet search shows that he made those remarks on March 13, 2002.

-Love the look on Bush's face when he is asked the question about flu shots, and he completely bombs it-"um, er, we relied on a British company..." perfect rumbling, bumbling, stumbling; clearly he did not see that coming.  And once again, later Internet search reveals that he is wrong when he says that the administration stopped the contaminated vaccines from being shipped.  It was the British that did so.  What I don't undertstand about this is that there were shortages last year, so why not make sure it doesn't happen this year?  Why not make sure there is a surplus so that everyone in the country can be immunized. 

-Bush attacks Kerry as being so liberal that Ted Kennedy is consdered the conservative Mass. Senator.  I consider time waping myself to Tempe so that I can jump on stage on scream for Kerry to retort that Bush has no business talking about fiscal responsibility, and I about eat the television when Kerry does not say anything about that during his response time.

-Bush is asked about what he would say to someone who has lost a job and if I hear him correctly, his answer is that he's tell the person to go to community college.  Huh?  "Yes, Mr. President, I'm a CPA who lost my job when my company imploded in the Enron scandal.  What should I do now?  What's that?  Crawford Community College?  How about I wait until January 2005 and we can enroll together..."  How does a discussion of jobs morph into education?


"Being lectured by this President on fiscal responsibility is like being lectured by Tony Soprano on law and order."-John Kerry (though he should have said it ten minutes earlier than he did.)

Can you say "Money quote"?  Or maybe BADA BING!!!

-Wow.  Kerry quotes the Bible before Bush does.

-Between bashing his podium and giggling, the President looks like he is sitting in a high chair waiting for his piece of birthday cake on his first birthday.

-Bush doesn't know if homosexuality is a choice.  Way to wade through that one, George.  Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson aren't going to invite you on their hunting trip now.  W then lobs a huge, Earth-sized softball at Kerry by stating that he proposed an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage, and Kerry avoids it.  Instead he brings up Dick Cheney's daughter and men who are gay but married, only to finally realize who they are later in life (hello, Jim McGreevey).  There was no reason to bring Cheney into this, though I don't find it as offensive as some say it was.  But I am dumbfounded that Kerry did not take the opportunity to point out that the President wants an amendment that denies rights to some of the citizens of this country.  He blew it there big time, and my teeth grind down another 1/8 inch.

-Why is health care even brought up?  It's been 12 years since 1992 when this became the big deal and no one has done anything about it.  Why should we expect anything now?  People are getting rich from the way insurance is run in this country, so what incentive is there to change?

-Neither of these candidates has a clue about Social Security.  I feel fortuante that I have been working on my singing and will be able to work on cruise ships well into my eighties.

-Bush says that the Texas border is more secure now than when he was Governor.  Nice job as Governor!  Hey, self-evaluation is F-U-N!

-The minimum wage is still under $7???  Second best quote from Kerry of the night: "I'm tired of hearing about family values without valuing families."

-OK, I am in another universe because Kerry sounds stronger towards the NRA than Bush does.  But both candidates skirt around the assault gun ban because both could have worked harder to get the ban extended.  Both were scared of the big, bad NRA.  So what, dead people don't vote anyway.

-Kerry thanks Bush for the job he did in the afternath of 9/11, then turns it into a smackdown over the way he has wasted the goodwill.  Bush smirks and just takes it.  Karl Rove ruins yet another pair of Fruit of the Looms.

-This debate has the dumbest closing question in the history of mankind, going all the way back to the Roman Empire.  "Do you love your wife?"  "Why no, I just want her money..."

-The debate ends with another lovefest on stage.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the environment was never mentioned in any debate, right?  Kerry didn't say anything about stem cell research either.  On purpose?  One might think Christopher Reeve would have wanted him to.

Obviously, none of these debates were going to change my mind, but it was worth watching all three to further notice just how unqualified W is to be President.  Not that Kerry will be Lincoln if elected, but at least he presents himself as knowledgable.  I could see Bush's puppet strings.  He is without question the least intelligent yet most arrogant man to hold the office.  That's a scary combination. 

By the way, factcheck.org is extremely helpful when it comes to verifying the misinformation fom both sides during the debates.

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