24 October 2004

A public service

Today, Ocotber 23 (I interrupt this to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis!) is ten days before this country goes to the polls to elect a president.

Sidenote: yes, I am aware that technically it is now the 24th, but it is still the 23rd somewhere in the world, and I came up with this idea Saturday.  Humor me.

Anyone who frequents my writing knows who I am voting for on November 2, or more accurately, who I am voting against.  However, in the interest of striving to be as informative as possible, I thought I would provide a service to the folks out there.  Starting now and everyday until the election is finally here, I shall provide the ten most important reasons why George W. Bush has to be defeated.  These are in no particular order.

#10 The environment

The President has ignored the environment like it was his brother Neil, unless he has signed a presidential order rolling back any of the environmental friendly acts passed by the Clinton administration.  Thanks to W, you can build roads in protected forests, snowmobile through sensitive areas of Yellowstone, and not worry about what emissions come out of your smokestacks if you run a big power company.

As far as global warming goes, the President doesn't believe in the concept of it.  Undoubtedly, God has not told him that it exists, but that is a topic for another day.  The United States under this president does not support the Kyoto Treaty which calls on the nations of the world to drastically reduce the amount of so called greenhouse gases they emit.  The primary reason given for our non-support is that the treaty would allow several developing countries to emit more gases by percentage than Amercia does.  We have to be the leaders in every category, I suppose.

When the President looks at a map of Alaska, he licks his lips like most of us do when a 28 ounce porterhouse cooked medium rare is placed in front of us.  He smells oil.  Oil makes W's mouth water.  Unfortuantely W lacks the support to pass a measure that will allow for drilling in the arctic refuge, but don't think he'll stop trying.

By the way, W did sign a measure banning the removal of natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of one state after receiving a request from that state's governor.  Quiz time!  Was that state: A. Florida  B. Florida  C. Florida  or D. Florida?  Give Jeb a call andask him.

Maybe there is hope for Alaska...Jenna for governor in 2006!

The President campaigned in 2-0-0-0 saying that he was going to lead the way in reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, develop cleaner air and work towards efficient fuel cell cars.  He has done nothing about this except talk.

In the State of the Union addresses and the debates, the environment is an issue that has been completely ignored by W. 

Remember, W stands for "What do you expect me to do about it?"

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