17 October 2004

Six more for you

1. What was your favorite Halloween candy to receive as a child?
Nestle's $100,000 bar.  I'd eat 100,000 of them every day if I could get away with it.

2. Of cities you've visited (that you don't live in), which is your favorite and why?  I have way too many favorites-San Diego, St. Louis, San Fran, Seattle, Portland (Oregon and Maine-both cities are great), Pittsburgh, but if I have to go with one in the US I'll say Boston.  From watching the Red Sox in Fenway to walking the Freedon Trail, there is so much to do.  Montreal is my favorite North American city.  Worldwide, I have to say London.  No place I've been to compares, except for my hometown of Chicago, of course.

I am a very lucky man to have had the opportunity to travel so much in my lifetime.

3. What is the oldest appliance in your kitchen (and how old is it)? I have no idea

4. How many broken bones have you suffered in your life time, and when was the most recent? I have never broken a bone, but I have made up for it with plenty of sprains, ligament tears and other assorted dumb injuries.

5. Check your caller ID:  who is the last person to have called you? My brother called me yesterday afternoon.

Nettie: What would you say is your biggest "character flaw?" Procrastination.  I'll get around to telling you why eventually...

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