25 October 2004

October surprise

It's a beautiful day today.

First, it's about 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky.  There's a warm breeze from the south, and it feels like June.  I have to ask myself if indeed this is the last perfect day of 2004.

Second, my boy Bill is back on the stump.  He looks a little ragged, but I love listening to the man speak.  Looks like the people in Philly think so too.

Third, and I want to be careful with this because I am certainly not happy about the danger this represents, the President has to take a hit because of the news out of Iraq today, that tons of explosives are missing.  This further proves the pompous attitude of this administration, the "What? Me Worry" years.

After I finish this entry I have to get to reason #8 why Bush cannot be reelected, and it occurs to me that my blog is pretty much all politics, all the time right now.  I can't help it.  I am convinced more than ever that this election is the most critical in the history of the country. 

As I am sitting here I can look out onto the backyard of the house.  I can hear the rustling of the leaves that have fallen on the lawn as two squirrels chase each other through them.  The noises get louder as they hop over the chain link fence that separates the yard from where we park the cars.  They scatter in different directions and inadvertantly toss stones into the air.  I see them run underneath my car, then emerge on the other side, and then climb over the car, completing a circle.  Then, to make sure I didn't imagine that, they do it again.  Eventually they run down the alley and disappear, but I know they will be back.

That's how I felt seeing Clinton today.  We need to get back to how things were when he was in office.  I don't hate President Bush, I just feel that he is not qualified to hold office.  I don't hate the Republicans, I just don't feel they have the right plan for the direction of the country in modern times.

It is indeed a beautiful day, but is it more beautiful than it was four years ago?

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