06 October 2004

No offense to runners, of course...

This has really been creeping me out lately.

I'm not sure this will work, but if you go to this page, (you may have to refresh once or twice, the ads seem to be random) you might see what I am talking about.  The Chicago Marathon is this weekend, and various local on line news sources have been running ads on their web pages.  It uses the idea that "ordinary people" participate in the race.  I just think it's odd to see how the person runs after they have ripped off their everyday clothing.

Who runs like this, bobbing their shoulders back and forth without moving their heads?  Wouldn't you topple over before you finished the first ten yards?

And it just looks creepy to me.  I keep expecting one of these freaks to jump out at me from my laptop and beat me to death with their shoulders.

Only four days left!

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