23 February 2004

Adios SATC

I admit I was never much a fan of "Sex and the City."  I only started watching this show within the last year, though I had seen it and read enough about it since its debut to know that it was not for me.  I never felt an attraction to any of the characters, as people, nor could I identify with their surroundings.  As such, it always felt like unbelievable fiction.  Good television shows make me feel like I could be there or that something like what is going on in the show could happen to me.  I never felt that way about "Sex and the City."

Maybe I am missing its value.  I know plenty of people who were absolutely devoted to this show, and they are not all females.  I have no idea what it is like to live in New York (though I also have never lived in Miami, but "Miami Vice"-NOW THAT WAS A TV SHOW!!!), nor pay $400 for a pair of shoes, yet these two things seemed to be the focal point of every episode.  I watched every episode this past season, and aside from the occasional great one-liner, I would have sworn I was watching a soap opera.  It was way too serious.  Not enough humor, way too much unbelievabilty, and too predictable.

So this will come as no surprise: I thought the finale was lame, and was written for the devotees who demanded that all loose ends be fitly tied up all neat and pretty.  Why do people who write comedy shows feel the need to abandon it when it comes time for the end?  Critics said that the series worked because it was timely, trendy and funny.  Yesterday was none of that.  The finale was what would have been written by any above average fan.  The people who produced this show for six years missed a real chance at demonstrating a lasting example of creativity.

I would have liked to see something completely outrageous and unpredictable.  The finale of "Seinfeld" was truly horrible.  Why not do it again, this time with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha being forced to listen to the full roster of past characters slam them for being self-absorbed, over-spending socialites who refused to assist a crime victim because they weren't wearing proper footwear?

Only two weeks until the Sopranos!


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