01 February 2004

Those who can't play, coach

Saw the last quarter of the Super Bowl, and it seemed like a good game, but...the two point conversion has got to go.  It's been around for five years or so, and I've lost count how many times I've seen coaches misuse it.  It killed the Panthers today.  There were almost 13 minutes left when the Panthers scored a TD to make it 21-16.  They went for two and missed.  Had they kicked the extra point instead, the score would have been 21-17, and here's how the rest of the game would have went:

Panthers score TD, kick XP and lead 24-21; Patriots score TD, kick XP and lead 28-24; Panthers score late TD, kick XP and lead 31-28; Patriots kick field goal with five seconds left to tie game at 31.  Game goes into overtime.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the Panthers would have won the game in overtime, but only one team had four wins in OT this year: Carolina.

And let the record state that this post was written before anyone on TV said a damn thing about it!

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