06 February 2004

Ozzie rocks

The White Sox have started their radio ad campaign for the upcoming season.  They feature their new manager, Ozzie Guillen, talking about how every game is important.  It's in response to the last few years when the Sox have started slow, then played better to get into contention, only to fall short of the division title by the end of the year.  The idea is simple, win in April as much as you do in August and you will win championships.

But the point is overshadowed by Guillen.  He rambles throughout the commercial, so much that I can close my eyes and see a whole bunch of interesting sound bites this year on the south side.  I think the Sox will be boring this year if they win.  If they lose, it will be a memorable year.  Ozzie's going to go nuts this year, I guarantee it.  He'll be just as entertaining as Mayor Daley.

UPDATE: A local DJ in Chicago has combined this commercial with part of Al Pacino in "Scarface."  It's impossible to tell them apart.  I can picture Ozzie going to the mound to take out a pitcher this year: "Say hello to my little friend..."

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