04 February 2004

Short takes on things you may not care about

Item: Haliburton admits over charging the government for meals supplied to troops in Iraq.

This follows the news last month that Haliburton over charged millions of dollars for gasoline in Iraq as well.  Everybody knows Vice-President Cheney was the CEO of this company before he accepted the VP role. 

George, can you say "conflict of interest"?  Most organizations do everything to avoid even the hint of a potential conflict of interest.  You need to sever the relationship that this administration has with Haliburton.  I can't believe more people aren't talking about this.

Item: Howard Dean still hasn't won a primary/caucus.

Has there ever been a media-christened front runner that failed to win a single event?  Dean's done, obviously.  Everyone will look back to his post-Iowa caucuses rant and point to that as his downfall.  I don't get that.  What is wrong with showing a little passion?  If Dean was a football coach, people would have applauded that speech.  We need a few more politicians who show emotion. 

Item: FCC to launch official inquiry into Super Bowl half-time show.

Here's an idea: promote the off button on all television remotes.  Or maybe have the Church Lady be the entertainment at next year's game.

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