27 February 2004

Watching paint dry

I've been floating in a virtual waiting room on the Cubs website since 9:30 this morning.  It's an interesting concept.  When I logged on to try to buy tickets I received a message that due to enormous demand, all online customers are being randomly selected to buy tickets.  Then a clock counts down thirty seconds and when it expires, my browser refreshes.  So far I have yet to be lucky enough to get into the virtual ticket office.  And I am losing my virtual mind.  I've paid my bills, cleaned out a file cabinet, and read a few old magazines, all within a few feet of my laptop.  This is truly the first time that I crave a wireless connection.

I only want to go to three or four games at most.  I had partial season tickets for the prior five years, but while last year was a success for the team, it was horrible for me.  The Cubs were 3-10 in games I attended last year, including two playoff games.  I've been going to games for a long time, and I never had worse results.  So this year I am only going to attend a select few (a virtual few perhaps) and let the rest of what I hope will be a historical season play out before me on my television.

Hey, hey, I'm in!  Let's see what happens...

OK, it's 20 minutes later.  I wanted to get four tickets to the game against the Giants on the night of May 18, but I could not get four together anywhere in the park.  I had to settle for two down the right field line, ironically not far from the same seats I have sat in for the last five years.  After being informed that I could not get four seats, it took fifteen minutes to see if two were available because of "high traffic errors."  No idea what that means.

Not that I am complaining.  I'd rather spend a wasted Friday trying to do this inside my apartment rather than camping outside, which I always avoided in the early 90's (it was my job, I swear, not the fact that I don't camp ever, especially not in mid-February.  Hello, Donny...) and was fortunate enough to have a friend or two to get me some tickets.

Let's hope I can get to a Cardinal game.

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